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We offer a wide range of handbags, evening bags, travel bags, belts, briefcases, toiletry bags, wallets and many other unisex accessories in our Online leather goods store; as well as In our shop in Ibiza; all exclusively made in leather for women and men. In addition to our retail outlets, our customers can conveniently shop in our online leather goods store for men and women in Ibiza. Read more

Lovy Ibiza began its journey 15 years ago, with our first shop in Dalt Vila, which has continued to flourish, and the opening of a second establishment, 8 years ago, in Plaza Vara de Rey.

Over the years, we have created a family business that offers a variety of handmade accessories. We stock two ranges of accessories; the first is a more boho chic collection, typical of Ibiza, while the second collection is more standard. Everything is handmade with detailed designs tailored to each item. This is the ideal place to buy handbags, evening bags, travel bags, briefcases, belts, wallets and exclusive handmade leather accessories for men and women in Ibiza in our online store.

Leather bags and handmade accessories in Ibiza
We design our own bags and accessories. In order to do so we have a team of fully qualified craftsmen who work on our collection exclusively. Each and every bag is unique as no two handmade weaves or colours are ever the same. It is well-known that items crafted by hand carry a special mark. In our online leather goods store for men and women in Ibiza, we take great care to ensure the value for money of our products.

Leather goods for women in Ibiza
We have a variety of items in the women’s collection; from belts for everyday use to belts hand-crafted with unique stones ideal for special occasions or to just wear over a simple outfit, giving it that special touch. We also stock a range of handmade leather bags, day bags, evening clutches, travel bags, briefcases and a variety of purses, wallets, change purses, card holders, key rings and bracelets. We have a range of items for any occasion: a deer leather bag for work during the day, for an evening meal or special night out. A beautiful and unique stone belt that combines perfectly with an elegant clutch that goes perfectly with a black dress.

Leather goods for men in Ibiza
We also offer an extensive range of items for men in both our shops and in our online leather goods store in Ibiza: handmade bracelets crafted from leather and silver, smooth and exotic leather belts that you can comfortably adjust at home, holdall bags, briefcases, laptop bags, toiletry bags, wallets, card holders, and the most exclusive gifts, such as wristwatch cases, wine sets, document wallets or valet trays.

Leather goods shop in Ibiza
We have two outlets in Ibiza. One of them is located in the old town centre, in Plaza de Vila, a very romantic location with many different restaurants offering a variety of dining options. It is a lovely place to stroll around, find typical items representative of the island, and you are also able to buy all the items made available to you such as handbags, evening clutches, travel bags, briefcases, belts, wallets and exclusive handmade leather accessories made in Ibiza for men and women in Ibiza.

Our second shop is located in the main square of the town of Ibiza, in Plaza Vara del Rey. It is a busy area, which is also lovely to stroll around, where you will find the most renowned and luxurious shops of Ibiza town centre. You are also able to buy handmade leather bags of unmatched quality in our online store.

Online leather goods store for men and women in Ibiza
We offer you the possibility to buy our Lovy Ibiza products in our online store, an excellent choice for those with little time or those who prefer not to physically go shopping. The user can enjoy viewing all our products from the comfort of their home, with no rush, at any time. The items in our online leather goods store for men and women in Ibiza have detailed descriptions indicating the type of leather from which each is made and their prices, sizes, colours, etc. are also listed. Close